Ever since Viagra was launched ten years ago, people have been buying and stocking up Viagra and consuming it on daily basis. It is now evident that men of all ages are hooked to Viagra and the number of people taking these pills without taking prescription from the doctors is on the rise. The other fact that has come to light is that a huge amount of spurious tablets are being sold in the market using the same brand name Viagra and people especially those who are buying without doctor’s prescription are being targeted by these sales men.

All these developments do not ogre well and is definitely not good news. If the youth is engaging in taking these pills without prescription, forget about getting the required results, little do they know that they can end up inviting more problems, which may not surface immediately, but definitely will show up in the long run.

If this trend has to be changed, it calls for educating people about the right usage of viagra and dispelling the myths surrounding the pill. It is a fact that Viagra is selling more due to the myths rather than for the actual treatment of the health condition called erectile dysfunction or blood pressure related conditions.

This is where the websites and social networking media sites can be of great help to bring the awareness amongst people and to urge them to stop misusing Viagra besides advising them to buy from authentic sources, based on doctors prescription only. Almost everyone who has bought and used Viagra has checked out information regarding this pill on the Internet. This means that Internet can be the medium to reach the same user community to educate them further on the subject too.

Let us look at what are the issues that need to be tackled with reference to this menace.

First and foremost, it should be made clear to people that Viagra is not a aphrodisiac drug that can increase their sexual appetite or function. They need to understand that this pill is used in treatment of a medical condition called erectile Dysfunction. There is a deep routed psyche in the minds of all men, which makes them believe that the sign of manliness is dependant upon their sexual prowess. This probably is the outcome of biological drive and inherent intuitive urge that man has to create birth to his progeny.

What ever be the case it does not help for men to have misconceptions and thereby abuse their own body and health.

Another myth that is required to be broken across all societies is to tell people that Viagra cannot prevent or cure HIV or STD diseases. Since HIV is prevalent across all communities in the globe, people somehow have ended up believing that Viagra can prevent HIV and thereby end up getting involved in unprotected sexual activities with the confidence that they are on Viagra.

Therefore there is an urgent need to communicate and reach across all communities and society to spread the awareness regarding Viagra and advocating the right and responsible usage of this wonder drug.


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